Around Us

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At American Tower we have a real commitment to our global teams and the communities where we work and live.

All over the world our employees are involved in different social projects that range from single donations to volunteer work, however all our initiatives are focused mainly on social well-being and improvements in education.

Each year, American Tower develops partnerships with schools and local organizations, encouraging its employees to connect with the communities where they live and work and promote positive changes around them.

Programa Jovem Aprendiz

Since 2012, American Tower has been part of Programa de Jovens Aprendizes, a social Project that helps young people with fewer opportunities enter the job market. The initiative has been fruitful and has spurned many stories of professional growth in the life of each young participant.

Casa de Apoio Maria Maria

In the coming months American Tower do Brasil will be committed to collecting clothes that will be donated to Casa de Apoio Maria Maria, institution that takes care of homeless children and women. Today the institution has 85 women and 40 children that rely on help from the City Hall of São Paulo and donations. It has been some years that American Tower helps this needy institution.