Customer Assistance and Technical Support

Would you like to hire services and products?

Contact our sales team through our Call Center:+ 55 (31) 3003-3336, WhatsApp Logo or

I have a problem with an American Tower contracted circuit, how do I request evaluation and repair for my internet link or services?

In order to open a ticket to deal with failure or to evaluate possible problems involving the link contracted with American Tower Fibra, customers should contact the Customer Service at + 55 (31) 3003-3336, accessible without using DDD for connections within Brazil.

It is also possible to open the ticket through Whatsapp Business(add + 55 (31) 3003-3336 to your contacts).

I registered a call complaining about a problem with my link. How can I find out the status of this ticket?

To check the status of the deal, just contact the SAC at the same single number + 55 (31) 3003-3336, requesting updated information. Have the protocol number informed when opening the call.

I would like to receive feedback, a report on a failure ticket, or make a new configuration / service request involving the contracted circuit or even receive information on its use / traffic.

Please contact the SAC through the single number + 55 (31) 3003-3336 or through the Whatsapp Business account of the same number, to open a service request ticket specifying in as much detail as possible your need.

I was informed about an activity scheduled in the American Tower network involving the service to my circuit. How do I get more details or even request that the possibility of changing the date of the proposed activity be evaluated?

Any questions about scheduled activities should be sent by email to

I am a provider and I need to know prefix release information (IP block) requested from the technical area of ATC. How do I get this information?

You can obtain the status of the request by sending an email to

Questions about Billing and Accounts Receivable Fiber Optic Customers

Change of billing address or email to receive invoices.

We offer to our Fiber Optic Customers a specialized customer service, please contact Customer Service at +55 (31) 3003-3336 to open a protocol, our adjustment period is maximum 10 calendar days2nd copy of account or updated payment slip.

do you need a new copy of your invoice?

Please contact Customer Service +55 (31) 3003-3336 to open a protocol.

We will send a new copy of your invoice within a maximum period of 03 working days.

Questions About Your Account Details

Pro rata billing:

Depending on the date of activation of your service or the withdrawal of the contracted service, your invoice may have partial invoicing for the period between these actions.

Customers often have doubts about discounts and partial values accumulated from one month to the next.

Another possible situation is for the withdrawal discount to be credited only in the next month, if the invoice has already been issued.

Commercial discounts or credits resulting from disputes will be shown on your invoice in a highlighted line to facilitate understanding and clarity about your application.

Debt negotiation

Contact Customer Service +55 (31) 3003-3336 to open a protocol - opinion of the analysis within a maximum period of 10 calendar days.-

If it is necessary to renegotiate a contract - contact us by phone +55 (31) 3195-8012 or

Service blocked / suspended

If the service is suspended, please check if the problem is technical and contact our call center.

ATC always attempts to contact our customers by email, formal communications and telephone calls before proceeding with the deactivation of contracted services.

Make sure your payment is up to date.

If your service has been deactivated, after resolving pending issues, the service will be reactivated.

Please after payment of the invoice, send the receipt of payment, by e-mail: - The service will be reactivated within minimum time possible.


Where can I pay my invoice?

If your invoice is still due, it is possible to pay at any bank.

After the due date, your payment can be made by transfer, or even by requesting a payment slip with the updated amount of the invoice.-

Expiration dates: We provide several expiration dates, talk to your business manager or contact us at + 55 (31) 3003-3336 to request changes, if necessary.-Payment delays must comply with the contract rules.

Receipt of payment: Please after making the payment send the receipt to the email of our accounts receivable area:

Share your Feedback

Where can I share an idea that would make my American Tower account much more useful?

To give specific suggestions on your American Tower account, you can share your feedback by contacting us on our relationship channels.

We appreciate any suggestions you decide to share with us and we will use it to make improvements in the way we serve our customers.

Share Your Feedback

At American Tower do Brasil, we are committed to collecting, reviewing, and acting on the customer feedback we receive—all with the goal of continually improving how we serve you. When working with us, you will be invited to provide your input along the way. Or, you can visit us here to share your thoughts at any time.

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