The IoT Network That Will Transform Your Business

The ATC LoRaWAN® Network enables the Internet of Things and opens up a world of possibilities to be explored. We have the Network Infrastructure with presence throughout all the national territory to enable the Internet of Things. American Tower - a global leader in telecommunications infrastructure - has expanded its portfolio and now also has a neutral network infrastructure for customers who demand low-cost connectivity solutions, enabling Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

The first and largest neutral network for IoT in Brazil

We believe that complementary technologies enhance IoT. With our more than 23,150 towers as a platform for enabling national connectivity, we digitize our towers and enable IoT throughout Brasil with our neutral LoRaWAN® network.

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We extend our network as far as you need it, our network solution model is flexible and in expansion.

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The future is shared

As an enabler of a wireless future, maintaining our focus on shared infrastructure, American Tower offers a Neutral network focused on the IoT market, present in all states of Brazil.

The internet of things made possible by the American Tower Neutral LoRaWAN® Network opens a world of opportunities to be explored. We operate in this ecosystem, expanding our portfolio to infrastructure customers who demand low-cost technology and low battery consumption.

There are multiple possibilities for solutions that can help your business:

  • Tracking assets and fleets
  • Utilities: Management and measurement (water, energy and gas)
  • Smart Cities
  • Agribusiness
  • Smart Places: Automation of industries, businesses and homes

And what doesLoRaWAN™ mean?

LoRaWAN® are networks that enable communication between objects (“things”) over long distances, low cost, low battery consumption and little data traffic. Understanding this demand, we operate in this value chain by offering through our distributors this technology that is already used in more than 100 operators and countries around the world (Check out the LoRa Alliance).

  • L - Long
  • R -Range
  • W- Wide
  • A- Area
  • N- Network

Why LoRaWAN®?

Low cost

The Neutral Network model of American Tower for Internet of Things allows extremely low prices competitive because it eliminates the need for infrastructure investments.

Long Range

Connect devices up to 15 km and penetrates dense or deep urban environments.

IoT Labs

IoT Labs is the platform that enables the relationship between companies, universities, maker world and consumers. It is the ideal environment for demand generation for new use cases.

Local partner ecosystem

Availability of 100% national products and ready to use.

Device Qualification

Process that guarantee standardization and reliability to devices enabled on the ATC LoRAaAN™ Network.

Extended Coverage Model

Flexible model for coverage expansion that allows the customer to build your own LoRaWAN® network, extending the continuity of traffic between the network and the ATC LoRaWAN® Network.

Low Power

The technology requires minimal consumption energy. A device can reach a extended battery life of up to 10 years, which minimizes the replacement cost.


Maintains communication with moving devices effortlessly, with no additional charge or energy consumption.


Features end-to-end AES 128 encryption, mutual authentication, integrity protection and confidentiality.

High capacity

Supports millions of messages so they meet the needs of network operators that serve large markets.


Enables specific applications independent GPS tracking, while offering unique low benefit energy that is not possible with other technologies.


Offers interoperability of devices and global availability LoRaWAN® networks for fast implementations of IoT applications in anywhere.

ATC Infrastructure

With presence throughout the national territory the ATC infrastructure enables expanding the presence of the ATC LoRaWAN® network.

LoRaWAN® Technology

LoRaWAN® Technology is robust and suitable for Internet traffic patterns of things. It allows, with an optimized protocol, long distance and very low transitions battery consumption. Because if an open protocol, allows device development at cost competitive.

IoT Labs: Connecting people, generating business

Created by American Tower, IoT Labs is the Platform where partner companies, customers, developers and students experience, interact, test and understand end to end applications on a real network.

As a catalyst for the IoT Solutions Ecosystem, we offer spaces dedicated to experimentation, application development, training courses, event promotion and, mainly, connections that generate business.

Check out our use cases, solutions and content about Smart Cities and how the LoRaWAN network can help efficiency in city management, in addition to many other applications. Check out our latest video from the IoT series at Real.

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