Improve capacity and Coverage in Dense Urban Environments

In the most crowded urban centers, get fast and easy access to street-level locations for wireless infrastructure with the iSite, an industry solution developed by American Tower do Brasil do Brasil.

The Site Intelligent together energy-efficient and wireless communications infrastructure in an aesthetically pleasing street pole design. The solution allows mobile network operators to efficiently scale small cell deployments in cities and makes it easier for them to collaborate with cities to deliver smart city applications.

Optimize Deployments

Reduce time, effort, and costs with the new Site Intelligent.

The new iSite infrastructure solution is a compact pole, with a maximum height of up to 18 meters and includes several technologies such as three-sector antenna systems at the top of the structure, rectifiers and batteries, fiber optic transmission and several sensors for temperature monitoring, opening doors, moving equipment, using our neutral IoT / LoRaWAN network.

It is the perfect option to urban dense areas.

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Design for Flexibility

Strengthen your competitive advantage with access to wireless, street-level sites needed to advance your urban telecommunications strategy.

ISite supports the various technologies that mobile operators use today, already considering the needs for 5G, while supporting emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) LoRaWAN ™.

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With American Tower as your partner, you also benefit from our active involvement in setting industry standards, our desire to constantly innovate and our commitment to deliver the best possible solution for each of our customers.

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